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Barrie House FTO Sumatra Kopi Gr1 24-ct


Sumatran coffee might come as a shock to your taste buds, featuring extreme flavors. These are the finest of the naturally processed Sumatran beans with a special profile that brings out a very sweet, spicy, peppery flavor and a balance of earth tones and a rum-raisin finish.

Tasting Notes:
Candied fruit, caramel toffee, syrupy, dark chocolate and spicy raisins

Origin: Asian Pacific – Sumatra

Intensity Meter: 8/10

24 capsules per box.

Recyclable Capsules


Classification System:
Sumatra has its own grade system range of 1 to 5 in which to classify its coffee. Unlike many country’s such as those in Latin America that classify for visual defects exclusively, the Sumatra classification system grades based on flavour.