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DavidsTea Organic The Skinny Sachets - 12 ct


With pu'erh, ginger, eleuthero and oolong, it's the ultimate digestive aid.

A Chinese secret

Looking for the next big beauty secret or weight loss trend? Let us give you a hint: try water. It's true, water is just about the healthiest thing you can put in your body - after all, you're made out of it. And what better way to jazz water up than with delicious traditional digestives like pu'erh, oolong, and eleuthero root. Go ahead, drink up. The only thing you'll gain is wisdom.

Packed in convenient sachet format. Sachet and overwrap are 100% oxo-biodegradable.


Organic: Oolong tea, pu’erh tea, ginger, orange peel, eleu thero root. With natural flavouring.

Contains 12 tea sachets.